Tejal does an amazing job!! the cakes look fabulous and taste amazing !!! The pricing is reasonable.

She puts a lot of effort into understanding ur design and delivers the product on time. Great job Tejal !!

  • Ivy Emmanuel

Cakeazzle thanks a lot it was such an awesome birthday cake based on crafter theme. Thank u once again!!

  • Akhilesh Baldi

I had reached out to Tejal Lakkar of Cakeazzle to bake us a cake for a happy event in the family. Tejal baked us a silhouette themed cake in Chocolate Hazelnut flavour. The cake not just looked fantastic but tasted amazing. Tejal went a step ahead to match the colour on the cake to the theme.

Lot of guests, family members, relatives and friends I asked gave a very good feedback about the cake. Some of them walked to me to thank me for a delicious cake.

I thank Tejal for baking us an amazing cake.

  • Charan Pommarapalli

Loved the chocolate truffle cake which Tejal made. The design and the taste was mouth-watering and it just melted and was yummmm.

  • Manushi KS

Super tasty cakes.. absolutely loved it so much. Thank you so much to make a cake so well at such short notice… I wonder how much more yummier it must be when you would get more time… Designer unique cakes…Awesome..

  • Trishla Parekh

The other day one of my friend was turning 50 and it was indeed a special occasion. I approached Tejal Lakkar of Cakeazzle and she briefly enquired about his hobbies and interests. Since he was a runner, Tejal suggested a “Blueberry flavored Marathon Themed Cake”.

What made the party special was the exuberance that manifested itself in the gathering while munching into this delicious cake.

I strongly recommend Tejal Lakkar of Cakeazzle for unforgettable celebratory moments.

  • Swarup Sridhar

Thanks Tejal for the perfect cake!
You took care of the smallest of specification i had asked for. Needless to say It was delicious ..
thanks a ton !

  • Anchal Agarwalla

Thankyou Tejal for the tastefulness cake🤩. The cake was designed perfectly, nice to get in touch with you😊 once again thanks for the yum yum cake.🤘

  • Apar Gupta

Tejal, an aspiring young mother and an eggless baker came into my mind to make my brother’s birthday extra special! Without much thoughts, she put on her creative hat and designed beautiful cupcakes showcasing my brother’s love for camera and football! The cupcakes not only looked delicious but tasted yummy too!

I have no hesitation in recommending Tejal’s Cakeazzle for all things sweet and make the occasions extra special and complete. A must try!!

  • Ritika Kalra

Thanks for the wonderful cake. It looked exactly like the picture we sent and you exceeded our expectations very tasty cake. Everyone enjoyed and appreciated your work.

  • Sylvia Martis

Thank you Tejal for the Yummy CupCakes :* The chocolate cupcakes with the toppers not only looked great and fit the brief perfectly but were also very sumptuous…My friend and her family enjoyed them a lot and it was the perfect parting gesture made complete with your yummy delectables…:D

  • Tejasvita Dayanand

Thanks to Tejal for delivering a wonderful custom designed four-kilogram “Chocolate Truffle Cake” for our college batch mates get together at Ramanashree California Resorts Bangalore.

The cake was very nicely designed with our college logo and it was scrumptious. Got finished in no time.

On behalf of my batch mates, 55 engineers who meet after 24 years A BIG THANK YOU for TEJAL, CAKEAZZLE, Bengaluru.

  • Biju Panicker

Such a friendly person to interact with. Patiently took note of the requirements and delivered just what we expected. The cake was jus more than perfect in terms of both tastes and looks. We loved it.

  • Nilanka Corera

Tejal made a chocolate orange rosette cake for our anniversary and it was fabulous! It looked so pretty and tasted even better! Thank you for making our special day even more special for us 🙂

  • Madhulika Reddy

Mrs. Tejal Lakkar from Cakeazzle did a wonderful job, the cake just didn’t look good but was delicious too. The flavors were perfect and the best vanilla cake with chocolate frost I have ever had till now. Got too many compliments from my friends. We didn’t quite do a complete smashing of the cake on my friends rather ate completely.

Thanks to Tejal fo making the cake at just one day’s notice.

  • Sandeep Mallikarjun

Absolutely magnificent. I called Tejal and described her exactly what I wanted and she assured me that she will get that done. Surely when i got the final product it was amazing and super tasty too. I must say Tejal has amazing talent. Keep up the great work. You will definitely be getting more orders from me.

  • Radhika Mody

Thank you Tejal for the lovely cake and just apt for the theme…I loved it…and made our special day all the more special..thanks so much..

  • Sonia G Kothari

Mrs. Tejal Doshi Lakkar, who is the Chief Founder and Baker at Cakeazzle, a specialty baking studio located in Belandur, Bangalore, swears by the creativity, personalization, quality, and excellence of her bakes and cakes. She does not hesitate to call Cakeazzle an Artistic Baking Venture, which intends to leave no heart untouched by the colors, shapes, and flavors of its creation, especially the cakes. No wonder it has secured 200% customer satisfaction till date, with me ordering a cake to celebrate the birthday of a loved one in my family. Trust me when I say, we cried out!! Craving for more of the delectable TRUCK shaped cake.

  • Monisha Chakravarthy

I had Tejal’s cake a lot of times .. They not only looks good but tastes also very well..the love and the passion with which she bakes reflects on her cake!!! A must try!!!

  • Raina Dugar Begwani

I’ve known Tejal for some time now but I finally got a chance to have one of her fantastic looking cakes. The cake was as much a treat to the taste buds as it was to the eyes! It was heavenly, rich with chocolate and beautifully presented! I can’t thank her enough for this!

  • Meha Shah

Last week was my wife’s birthday & I wanted to make it special and so asked TEJAL from CAKEAZZLE to do a customized cake with a specific theme.

Since my wife is also a TAROT CARD reader, Tejal made a particular card caked THE EMPRESS in her favorite Red velvet flavor and my wife was super thrilled with it.

The Red velvet flavored cake was not only looking great but also tasted heavenly.

  • Santosh Girimaji

I ordered my last-minute cake from Cakeazzle and OMG the taste was amazing. I loved the design and loved the taste and loved the service! Thank you for going out of your way to give me the best ! I will surely order more cakes 😍

  • Fiona Michelle Serao DSilva

Tejal makes delicious cakes and the cake decorations are awesome. I fell short of the cupcakes as people both kids and adults were asking for more and more. If only had I known that her cakes were so fantastic, I would have ordered more. Anyways, I would recommend anyone reading my comments here to get customized cakes from her. You name your requirements and she will make it.

  • Shuvadip Som

We appreciate our Baker Mrs. Tejal Lakkar, who represents Cakeazzle.

I had referred Mrs. Tejal Lakkar to my wife, to bake a cake for our daughters 1st birthday. And Mrs. Lakkar Baked a wonderful delicious cake for us.

Cakeazzle is known for their in-house studio where they make eggless cakes customized cakes, 3D cakes, gravity cakes and so on. We choose 2 stage cake with a princess theme, and it was so wonderful that it got over in no time.

  • Arun Bala

Thanks for the delicious cake. It was loved by all, both in taste and appearance. Cake was above my expectation 😊

  • Jyoti Lal

Hi Tejal ! OMG!!! This chocolate truffle cake melted my heart from the very first moment I laid eyes on it! It was hard to hold the tears back because it truly was everything I could have hoped for to make birthday special surprise and it was very beautiful 💕💕 We can never thank you enough for helping to make her big day truly memorable!!

  • Subash K Naidu

Recently, I ordered a cake for my wife’s birthday which I had ordered from Mrs. Tejal Doshi Lakkar who is the chief founder and baker at Cakeazzle. Even though I placed the order just a few hours prior she kindly obliged and delivered a delicious cake on time which was beyond my expectations.

My family and I loved the cake, we learned about her professionalism and dedication to her work.

  • Anwar Wasti

Thank you for making my birthday extra special with the most delicious cake and the perfect design.

Our party was very enjoyable thanks to u and the kids simply loved the cake design!”

The reaction is “WOW Mamma”!!!!

Exceeded my expectations. My experience was great!

  • Tahire Mirza

This is to inform you Tejjal that I Samia Sharief representing Style furnitures point, a one stop shop for home furniture was more than satisfied for the cake order placed with you. Every detail mentioned in making of the cake was taken care of and the outcome was such that everyone appreciated and relished the cake. The order got me honour and trust.

Without doubt I would love to refer Cakeazzle for their timely and precisive qualities.

Thank you Tejjal for the perfectly crafted and tasteful cake.

  • Samia Sharief

I took the service of Ms. Tejal’s Cakeazzle by ordering two cakes for my son’s Birthday. I found them to be of excellent quality and the crafted very minutely by her. That had added to the celebration. So I will strongly recommend her service again to everyone who need it. Well done Ms. Tejal. Thankyou!

  • Aiswarya Sundararajan

Thank You Tejal Lakkar Cakeazzle. For Delivering Cake in lockdown. I must say I was completely satisfied! Not only was it beautiful I was amazed at the quality and taste of the cake, but also the flavor of her cake was spot on. The detailed designs on the cake were surreal with edible sketches used and good quality food color. Elderly loved it the way it was made up and the kids loved eating.

  • Venu Venkatesh

Celebrating occasions is for creating and making memories and i am so glad I chose Cakeazzle to be a part of my son’s 6 months birthday celebration ..

Tejal baked an amazing ombre effect pineapple flavor Hallf Birthday cake and it was yumm yumm yummy .. She took utmost care and delivered exactly how we wanted it in terms of look and taste wise..

Thank you once again for making our celebration so special ❤

p.s. expect a call from me shortly for the next occassion 😀

  • Amisha Shah

Thanks Tejal for the perfect cake!
You took care of the smallest of specification i had asked for. Needless to say It was delicious ..
thanks a ton !

  • Anchal Agarwalla